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Fitness and Landscape Photography

By January 17, 2022February 6th, 2022Blogs, Tips&tricks

Many of you might wonder why fitness has anything to do with landscape photography? In fact, they come hand in hand. 

Landscape photography means going to many places, which requires hiking, discovering new places, getting to points where usually people don’t go.

This article will encompass the details of what I do for cardio, strength, and high-intensity training. This blog is entirely my opinion, and what works for me, so it necessarily works for everybody. You can take some of the suggestions below, incorporate them into your routine, and see how it is tailored to your exercise.  

Landscape photography is all about exploration, discovering new places, angles, and environments to take the shots. That’s why it is directly related to hiking. This sometimes means it will take about four or more to do round-trip walks with all the photography equipment on your back (as you know, the camera is not light). To prepare for these excursions, my fitness routine includes long run weekly and with high-intensity training: 

Running is a core component in my training routine to guarantee the stamina needed for my explorations. I usually run for 15 to 20 minutes with a minimum of 25 to 30 pounds weighted vest. 

Remember: This routine works for me because I have trained for many years. If you have never done this kind of training, you should start from 2 miles run at the beginning for the first two weeks and then begin to add extra half of mile every two weeks; Or you can still do a 2-mile run but with a heavier weighted vest. 

I use kettlebells for my high-intensity training. For me, it is a playful way to build up strength and not to be too bulky. I want to be strong but be flexible enough to keep up my speed in my hikes. I recommend kettlebells to many of my fellow photographers if they hike a lot. 

Feel free to use the equipment in the gym if that’s your preference. Remember, high intensity over volume always. 

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