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My 50 states journey

This new post is about celebrating a milestone in visiting the 50 States of America, which I recently just finished back in November 2021!

I have driven across all 50 states of them, and I would love to share some of my thoughts and hopefully helpful ticks and trips if you are thinking of making the 50 states trip on your own.

Question: how long did it take you to finish the 50 states trip?
It took me about four to five years to finish the trip. But I was not just focusing on the trip itself; I was also traveling to other places. So I was not just focusing on completing this challenge. So it would take a bit shorter than five years if I solely focused on finishing the challenge.

Question: What do you usually plan before going on the trip?
I usually started with how many days I wanted to stay for the trip. Then the main three or four things I want to visit or see (such as nature spots, sunset, sunrise, or a specific scenario. Finally, if I wanted to do something special like shooting from the helicopter or something major, I prioritized planning those activities first and then improvised other activities around those. Improvisation is a significant component in my adventures because sometimes it can be affected by unpredictable factors (weather) or last-second change.

Question: What was the first and last state you visited?
The first state was Nevada (not including Florida, which was my residential state at the time ), and the last one was New Mexico.

Question: What was the most memorable shot you took while visiting the 50 states?
Enchanted Rock in Texas was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in my life. Alaska, the glacier colors were similar to what I saw in Patagonia but even more unique. Last but not least, Hawaii, nothing can compare to those landscapes and skies in Kauai.


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