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Why NFT now? 

By June 12, 2022April 23rd, 2023Blogs
NFT version - Dark Ice

Why NFT now? In the new era of how society is evolving and how artists express and represent their work, digital has always been one outlet that allows artists to showcase their work (mine included) to the world. However, it is more than awareness and exposure for today’s society; exclusivity and uniqueness rise to emphasize the creativity of each work from the artist. 

I created a handful of the collection intending to bring the character of the individuality of each work on NFT. Each piece from these collections: from the dark ice to my beloved bison, possesses a distinct persona from one another. 

Each piece is only available in a single unit. Collectors receive a cryptographic token that represents ownership of Giorgio Suighi’s artwork, but have no legal ownership, right, or claim to copyright in the artwork. The 1/1 edition of this artwork refers exclusively to the NFT medium.

You can find the collections here below: 

 (Hypercolor Bisons NFTs, Shapes of Nature NFTs,all my OpenSea NFTs, my Tezos Special NFTs)

Also, if you would like to purchase an NFT from an image you found on my website or  Instagram profile but you can’t find in Opensea yet, just contact me and I can create a custom single edition only for you, which will be sold to you on a private sale.

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