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This is a story of a kid, who never stopped dreaming.

By August 3, 2021May 26th, 2024Bio, Blogs

The first memory I had with the camera is my mom. We used to take a stroll together with my dad in the mountains, and the summers were painted by blue skies, reflecting their smile into our calm lakes.

She had her Nikon in her hands, I was curious what she was looking at, and what kind of emotion was driving her to take the picture. I know she was sharing her emotion at the moment with me and that sentiment transform from films into photos

I spend all my life literally around cameras; I started with an instant camera and couldn’t wait to go to the shop to have my pictures printed. Of course, the first ones were just blurry spots, but the shots are getting better and better as time went by. My idea was to replicate the exact emotion I was experiencing at that moment, through my shots.

Now I am grown, technology has changed, yet my mindset remains the same. Many photographers think about the final result before shooting, others consistently apply rules to achieve the best angle. As for me, it still remains a matter of emotion, and maybe you’ll be surprised to know that I was crying while taking some of my best shots, because of the beauty of what I had in front of me.

As you can see, this is not a photographer’s story; this is a story of a kid who never stopped dreaming.

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